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AmericaObits.com creates permanent memorial websites with videos, funeral programs and scrapbooks to help American families honor and memorialize their loved ones.

Obituaries and memorials are for the living and today’s generation no longer get their news from newspapers, they get their news from social media and the web.

AmericaObits.com makes it easier to memorialize our loved ones by enabling pictures, videos, scrapbooks and even funeral programs to be accessed from today’s technology – smartphones, tablets and PCs.

It doesn’t matter if your loved one was buried with or without a full service, or was cremated with or without a service; it doesn’t matter if they passed last week, last year or 20 years ago; you can still have them memorialized on AmericaObits.com.

To memorialize your loved one just contact AmericaObits.com. Access to the memorial is also available on social media through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, just search the hashtag that we provide for your loved one. Memorials are up within 24 hours after submission.

Once your loved one is on AmericaObits.com, you can save their picture as an icon on your smartphone or tablet so that when tapped, you will go directly to their memorial. From there, the program, videos and pictures can be immediately viewed.

AmericaObits.com understands the uniqueness and importance of the American experience and ensures that future generations never forget your loved one’s role in American culture.